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Product http://www.visualretailsolutions.com.au 
Manufacturer Digital Signage & Kiosks 
Category Portfolio 
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Notes Putting on a show. Unlike print, in-branch digital signage has the dynamic power to grab your audience and deliver a targeted message. Whether promoting specific products and services or enhancing your corporate brand, there’s no more effective way to engage, educate, and entertain customers within your branch – from the moment they walk in the door. Your image on display. Clarity’s digital signage delivers the highest image quality available in a large-screen format. Each display combines superior resolution, high contrast ratios, and brilliant color performance. Our digital displays are also bright enough to view in a wide variety of environmental conditions. As a result, both your content and your company always look their best. Marketing in real-time. Clarity’s integrated approach makes implementing your campaign in multiple locations fast and easy.Your marketing department or advertising agency can develop a campaign remotely and distribute it across your network to digital signs in any location. Unlike print, digital signage allows you to change content rapidly in response to an ever-changing marketplace. Designed specifically to fit. Our innovative applicationspecific signage solutions combine large screens and thin form factors – along with sophisticated controllers and content providers – to create a more dynamic, consumer-friendly banking environment. Whether hanging on lobby walls, standing near lines, or mounted behind teller stations, Clarity gives your messages the flexibility to be where your customers will see them. Think of it as an investment. Clarity’s experience with digital signage in retail banking environments has yielded measurable results. Case studies demonstrate how Clarity solutions have generated substantial increases in product awareness, sales, and overall customer satisfaction. Combined with Clarity’s reliable design, simple installation and total commitment to your success, it’s a decision that 
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