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Product G61R Surround Controller 
Manufacturer Meridian 
Category Cinema Processors 
Price POA 
Notes Meridian Audio invented the digital surround processor, and the G61R represents extraordinary value. It is an ideal choice for those who want the processing capability of a Meridian digital surround processor but do not need the tuner, multi-zone and video switching capabilities of the G68. The G61R includes a wide range of decode capabilities, ten digital and ten analogue outputs, 11 digital inputs including USB Audio, 5 analogue ins and Meridian's acclaimed Room Correction system that analyses the room acoustics and generates digital filters to smooth our reverberation times, for improved clarity and imaging. At the heart of the G61R is a powerful DSP engine delivering in excess of 600MIPS (million instructions per second). Processing is performed at high sample rates and with 48-bit precision throughout, ensuring that all filtering, processing and other operations are carried out far, far above the limits of human hearing. The G61R is thus ideal for the very latest in digital audio. For superior audio quality, incoming analogue signals are converted to 24-bit, high-sample-rate digital data via multibit Delta-Sigma converters as soon as they enter the processor. All digital signals are re-clocked to minimize jitter and maintain total data integrity. The G61R combines controller and surround processor functions, meeting the latest THX Ultra 2 specifications and including the latest superb-quality AAC, MPEG, DTS, Dolby, Trifield and Ambisonic decoding. The decoders consist almost exclusively of our own code, giving them superior integration with the Meridian design philosophy, as well as superior performance  
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