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Product D1500 Subwoofer 
Manufacturer Meridian 
Category Subwoofers 
Price POA 
Notes Meridian D1500 Digital Active Subwoofer The Meridian D1500 is the worlds First Digital Active Subwoofer. Like all Meridian subwoofers the D1500 emphasises extreme bass depth, clarity, control, articulation, slam and attack. It employs 96kHz/ 24bit digital to analogue conversion and accepts digital inputs up to 96kHz including those carrying MHR signals. Separate analogue and digital power supplies are used to feed the D1500ís precision electronic circuits ensuring that both high and low power sections receive continually smooth supply. Product/D1500 Active Subwoofer Fully shielded for use close to monitors and televisions Meridian subwoofers are constructed from 22mm MDF and are fully braced and damped. They are then finished with a 6mm annealed plate glass top and are supplied with feet and castors so as they can be installed on any floor type. The input and output connectors on the back panel of the D1500 allow it to be easily daisy chained should you require multiple subwoofers. It also features Meridian Comms connections so as when installed in a Meridian Digital Theatre it works seamlessly with other Meridian products. Meridian subwoofers come supplied with an SY5-lead to make Meridian Comms connection easier. The worlds first Digital Active Subwoofer Takes digital inputs up to 96kHz and supports MHR One 100W high-efficiency power amplifier User control over input, sensitivity and crossover frequency Analogue version (M1500) available with line-level balanced & unbalanced inputs Technical Specification Performance: Frequency response within 3dB from 30Hz to 400Hz (Bypass) Switchable 2nd order Butterworth crossover with settings for Flat, DSP5000 compatible or DSP33/ M33 compatible Output >107dB spl @ 1m Noise and Hum <-72dBm Distortion <0.1%, typically less than 0,02% up to full power at all relevant frequencies Inputs: Two cable digital inputs, 75Ω, up to 96kHz, PCM or MHR encoding Construction: Acoustic-suspension digital active loudspeaker 250mm high-efficiency long-throw custom driver Veneered MDF braced and damped, in black with 6mm annealed plate glass top Supplied with castors and spikes Complementary high-efficiency bipolar design, with output-stage error correction and twin feedback loop 100W mean power continuous Optimised magnetic design Dimensions: Height, Width and Depth 416mm (16.4in). Weight 35kg (77lb)  
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