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Product G55 5 Channel Power Amplifier 
Manufacturer Meridian 
Category Control4  
Price POA 
Notes Meridianís G Series line of high performance digital & analogue consumer audio components feature a stylish cabinet design in traditional black or a sleek silver finish. Designed to be either free-standing or rack-mounted, G Series components build on their predecessors, the multi-award-winning 500 and our flagship 800 Series, and include entirely new circuitry developed specifically for the G Series. Multi-layer boards reduce system noise and improve performance. In products which include video capabilities, broadcast-quality, wide-bandwidth video components are employed for maximum image integrity.G Series units are easy to use. Where appropriate, a knob is included to control volume. The positive-action front-panel keys are software-defined: their legends are presented in the vacuum fluorescent display and change intelligently according to context.Full installation configuration of many G Series components is achieved by running a special setup program on a Windows computer, connected to the G Series unit via a serial link, or direct from the front panel.G Series products also include serial ports for remote operation and configuration, along with infra-red sensor input and trigger capabilities, plus Meridian communications ports. A comprehensive back-lit learning/programmable remote is included with products other than amplifiers. Although Meridian is today best-known for its digital circuitry, it is a company built on analogue roots, and indeed, superb analogue circuit design and implementation are important parts of all Meridian products.The G Series power amplifiers offer the ideal way to interface G Series components to third-party passive loudspeakers. They include the latest power amp developments from Meridian, utilised in their flagship DSP8000 digital loudspeaker systems, and share many common design parameters. In all cases, pairs of channels can be bridged for additional output and flexibility, and the amplifiers in the range are gain-matched to further add to the possibilities when building a system. The Meridian G55 is a five-channel unit, and delivers a solid 100W continuous mean power per channel into 8Ω. Special attention has been paid to ensuring that the amplifiers can deliver the power thatís required at any given moment. Massive twin low-noise toroidal power transformers provide power to no less than 25 selected pairs of output devices, carefully temperature-controlled for optimum operating characteristics and efficiency. The result is a clear, open sound with detail as well as punch where itís required Ė at any volume level from a string quartet at midnight to Metallica at high noon.The amplifier modules feature a symmetrical design with fully electronically-balanced inputs. 
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