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Product LC4KP Keypad  
Manufacturer Xantech 
Category Smart House & Automation 
Price POA 
Notes The LC4KP Keypad is a flush-mount wall unit that snaps into a universal wall mounting plate. Its slim profile and mounting bracket make it cosmetically appealing and a snap to install, eliminating the requirements for J-boxes or back-boxes. Twin RJ45 connectors allow easy connection to CAT5 cable and expansion to two Keypads per zone (see Fig 2). The sophisticated MRC44 System is intuitive and easy to operate. Approximately the size of a two-gang light switch plate, with backlit LCD and rubber membrane buttons, it is elegant on the wall and always ready for use. With so many devices today having more buttons than you can shake an owner's manual at, the MRC44 Keypad's 16 buttons allow instant ease of use to even a first-time user. Automatically backlit when pushed, standard functions such as Power, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Channel Up/Down and Source selection are laid out in large, easy to read buttons. For additional control, the center of the Keypad is a multi-function cursor array for controlling CD, VCR and DVD functions as well as navigating Satellite receiver functions. The large, easy to read backlit LCD, gives room status of source, volume, mute and "Link" mode. The Keypad display is configurable in Dragon Drop-IR to allow programming the particular sources in a system. The backlight function "times out" so the display and buttons go dark to not be a distraction when not in use (the backlight duration is variable based on user preference). The Keypad also features an infrared receiver, so hand-held remotes can be used to control the system and source components from across the room for convenient "easy chair" control. The MRC44 Keypad display tracks IR commands such as source and volume. A multi-colored LED on the Keypad face indicates ON/OFF, System Busy, IR output and other system functions. Just as the MRC44 Keypads can be set for simple operation, they can also be programmed for sophisticated sequences, or "macros", to send out strings of commands to turn the system on, select a source, and play that device all from a single button press. See the MRC44 Controller/Amplifier for other macro capabilities. When a source is selected, the LCD on that Keypad highlights the source selected, and the Keypad sends a message to the Controller/Amplifier telling it what source is selected in that zone. If multiple zones are linked, these messages will be transmitted to the other linked Keypads and switch the display to indicate the selected source. A hand-held controller such as the Xantech URC2P can generate the "bank track" codes so that when a source is selected from the remote, the Keypad stays in sync.  
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