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Product KHT 3005SE 
Manufacturer KEF 
Category Speakers Sattelite 
Price POA 
Notes The secret of KEF home theatre KEF’s patented ‘sit anywhere’ Uni-Q® driver configuration, places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the bass/midrange cone. This creates a single focused audio source that disperses the sound image evenly throughout the room so that everyone enjoys the full richness of music or movie soundtracks. The Uni-Q array in the 3000 series has a completely new design which performs better than ever. Instead of having identical centre and satellite speakers like other systems, we've created a stunning new dedicated centre channel that gives dialogue more weight and clarity delivering cinema-like frontal impact. We've also added a radical new high performance powered subwoofer. As a system, it certainly puts the 'live' into living room.Clearly an evolution - in styling terms - of the signature egg shape, the 3000 series is a completely new design that looks better and sounds sweeter than anything else in its class. The new 115mm (4.25in.) Uni-Q driver of the HTS3001 satellite speaker has been comprehensively engineered for even cleaner, smoother response. An improved magnet system delivers even heftier bass by allowing greater movement of the speaker cone. KEF’s all-new sealed suspension technology (SST)TM fills in the gap between midrange cone and tweeter to produce a markedly more powerful, cleaner sound. Distinctive radial ribs on the midrange cone improve its rigidity for pure, clean vocal effects with exceptionally low distortion. The cast aluminium enclosures are shaped to minimise internal resonance so that the satellites fill the room with a lush and incredibly detailed 3D sound. The attention to detail is plain to see, from the depth of the gloss finish to the ingeniously simple wall mounting bracket system. Dynamic. Perfectly balanced. Seamlessly integrated.Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is vital in any home theatre system, and the new dedicated centre speaker of the 3000 Series is in a class of its own. With the same new generation 115mm (4.5in.) Uni-Q array as the satellites, flanked by two additional 75mm (3in.) bass drivers, the hefty frontal impact is complemented by amazingly clear dialogue. And the response is so superbly integrated across the frequency range that you soon forget you’re listening to a recorded signal. It sounds astonishingly true to life.It’s the first subwoofer at this price level that you won’t want to hide away out of sight. With an ultra-reliable, high efficiency, 250W class D amplifier powering a 250mm (10in.) driver with a matching auxiliary bass radiator, the radical HTB2 model subwoofer anchors the 3D sound image with stunningly realistic low frequency reproduction. Whether you prefer to position it vertically or horizontally, the story’s the same: an acoustically inert enclosure shaped to eliminate internal standing waves, extremely fast response and SmartBassTM ‘connect and go’ versatility with simple bass boost and phase controls. 
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