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Product barcovision 708 mm series with iris and line doublers with 100inch fixed screen  
Manufacturer BarcoVision 
Category Second Hand  
Price $2000.00 
Notes The BARCOVISION 708 MM projector delivers the very best in large screen multimedia projection today. It offers unmatched performance for striking cinematic impact at home on screens from 1.4 m (4.6 ft.) up to 6.6 m (21.7 ft.) wide. It widens your scope on the internet and takes videogames into breathtaking interactive fun. Thanks to its broad computer compatibility (with up to an XGA resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels) it dramatically enhances the impact of computer presentations. Resulting from BARCO's many years of experience in designing professional projection systems for high-end applications (simulators, control rooms, etc...) as well as for home and business environments, the BARCOVISION 708 MM gives you the ultimate thrill of large screen multimedia projection. Unsurpassed Image Quality In contrast with conventional LCD projectors, the high brightness CRT tubes of the Multimedia 708 MM generate their own light and concentrate their full light output where needed in the picture. In combination with the high definition lenses and the superb color reproduction, this leads to breathtaking full color images, so powerful and lifelike that they jump of the screen. Unlimited Source Compatibility The BARCOVISION 708 MM is compatable with an almost limitless array of input facilities : computer, DVD, HDTV, laser disc, video tape, recorder, videogame stations, camera, demodulated satellite and antenna signals, etc... Switching input sources is just a matter of pushing the button. The projector instantly recognizes the new signal source and can immediately switch to the appropriate display settings for this source. Extreme flexibility and userfriendliness The BARCOVISION 708 MM can be used for front screen or rear screen projection, on flat or curved screens, while incorporated into the ceiling or hidden in a table. All settings and parameters can easily be controlled through a convenient backlit infrared remote control and on-screen menus.  
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