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Product Aur 650R 
Manufacturer Cambridge Audio 
Category Home Theatre AV Receivers 
Price POA 
Notes The hugely powerful yet simple to use 650R decodes all the latest surround sound formats and its immense video capability is coupled with 7 x 100 Watt audiophile grade discrete amplifier stages. This awesome combination is guaranteed to reproduce the most demanding movie soundtracks and music with all the passion their creators intended. Incredible processing ability Using a completely new Cirrus Logic / Crystal chipset with the latest twin core 32-bit DSPs, Cambridge Audio has enabled full support for Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution and the superb new Lossless Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats. DTS speaker re-mapping allows the playback of DTS-HD High Resolution or Master Audio formats with encoded height information on standard 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 speaker setups. A new video PCB with digital-domain video transcode means the 650R can also transcode analogue video inputs to HDMI for simplicity and flexibility, requiring just one HDMI cable to the TV screen. Simple, intuitive and customised set-up The 650R is also the first to feature Cambridge Audio Mic Controlled Auto Set-up (CAMCAS) with a supplied microphone for extremely quick and easy installation. And completing the perfect picture, LipSync audio delay means the user can simply adjust for processing delays in the source or TV. It just sounds... out of this world! Let's face it, you normally watch a DVD once, maybe twice but how many times have you listened to the same album? And what about those fifty favourite tracks that evoke so many memories? You've listened to these a thousand times and you just know how every last beat, riff and word should sound. So when you consider that your AVR is probably tasked with delivering most of your music, it only makes sense that it should be as adept at reproducing music as it is video. But don't worry, we're with you when it comes to extracting the last drop of performance from your music. Whereas some manufacturers optimise their AVRs for features and processing ability, sound quality - whether with music or movies - is paramount and at the core of everything Cambridge Audio stands for. In fact, Cambridge Audio truly believes the new 650R to be its best sounding AV receiver ever. We guarantee it sounds just as good whether you're watching the latest Blu-ray release, engrossed in a music DVD, or simply enjoying your iPod playlists. How can it sound quite so amazing? Key to this claim are the 650R’s seven 100 Watt audiophile grade fully discrete amplifiers which are kept separate from the processing and input stages. Then there's a substantial power supply and an oversize low flux toroidal transformer - an expensive component we believe to be critical to a real piece of audio equipment. This careful design of the amplifier stages ensures that the 650R can replicate the dynamics and scale required for the most demanding movie soundtracks whilst also being able to reproduce a genuinely musical performance with either stereo or multi-channel music sources. X-Tract™ Forced / Convection Heat Tunnel Something else key to the 650R’s audiophile pedigree is Cambridge Audio’s brand new proprietary Forced / Convection Heat Tunnel - X-Tract™ This custom design enables the company's flagship AV powerhouse to operate extremely quietly and at a low temperature. A perfectly balanced combination of forced cooling and natural convection effectively draws heat away from the 640R’s substantial transformer and output stages. Careful manipulation of air flow has led to a design able to dissipate enough heat by convection to ensure the unit’s fan is only active at the most extreme ends of the performance spectrum. The vertical airflow path for convection has been carefully designed for minimum airflow resistance or turbulence for maximum cooling efficiency. In extreme conditions a speed controlled near-silent fan gradually becomes active, drawing colder air from the front of the unit and providing forced cooling. Thanks to X-Tract™ you’ll never again be plagued by irritating and unnecessary cooling fan noise letting you get the most from your music or movie soundtracks. A fresh new look And just to make sure your new 650R looks every bit as good as it sounds, a completely redesigned wrap-around casework adds significant appeal and is augmented by a substantially thicker brushed aluminium front panel. This matches Cambridge Audio’s new 650BD Blu-ray player All this proprietary engineering is housed within a new low resonance, acoustically damped chassis featuring dual layer damped feet all of which contribute to better resonance control. A highly ergonomic navigator remote handset also offers full control of the 650R’s wide range of features and functions and can be used to control your iPods, iPod touch or iPhone. The new 650R - guaranteed to reproduce the most demanding movie soundtracks and music with all the passion their creators intended. Available early 2010  
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