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Product LCD TV 
Manufacturer Schaub Lorenz 
Category LCD TV 
Price POA 
Notes The Schaub Lorenz name has had a long and illustrious history. The rights for the use of the name throughout Australia and New Zealand have been acquired for a specific purpose, to bring to the Australasian market a range of products that reflect such brand values and longevity. It is a brand that is here for the long haul. International Dynamics, the importer responsible, has a forty year history of its own in servicing the needs of Australia's leading hi fi and AV specialists. It does not treat its responsibility to such dealers or consumers lightly. The current range of Schaub Lorenz LCD televisions have been carefully specified for the kind of informed consumer you would expect to find shopping at a specialist outlet. In technical terms they offer the very best value possible at their time of manufacture, the latest high speed panels with the maximum number of pixels for TV (1920 x 1080 with 1080p processing), and offer forward compatablity with MPEG4 broadcasts, one for one pixel processing where applicable, the best in HDMI connectivity, plus all models come with the added ability to individually optimise picture quality for each component input. . As you would expect of products destined for Australia's leading specialist outlets, build quality and durability are both key considerations. This aspect is reflected by the fact that the current LCD range comes with a generous guarantee. As time goes on, more Schaub Lorenz products will be released. Each will maintain the core brand objectives - to offer exceptional value for money for the informed consumer, both technically and aesthetically. The key goal of Schaub Lorenz Australasia is to provide specialist dealers with an alternative to mainstream brands, one that is price competitive while at the same time maintaining such specialist sensibilities as product durability, service back-up and a superior selling proposition. If you are a consumer already personally evaluating a Schaub Lorenz product in either Australia or New Zealand, rest assured you are dealing with a retailer who is trying to offer you something that is better value than you will obtain for the same money elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you are a consumer surfing the net to choose a brand to evaluate, Schaub Lorenz should definitely be on your list and not just for the product itself. You'll also find the kind of dealer that stocks Schaub Lorenz to be a cut above the ordinary in other respects as well. 
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