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Product Cabasse Integration 
Manufacturer Cabasse 
Category Speakers 
Price POA 
Notes Stealth Grilles Every speaker in the range features a profile that virtually disappears when installed, thanks to its ultra-thin grille with magnetic link fastening that measures a scant 0.2 inches deep, making them arguably one of the smallest profiles on the market today. The Archipel speakers in the range also feature two grilles, shipped with each speaker one round and one rectangular for matching room features on the ceiling or walls. Minorca & New Antigua The top-of-the-line Minorca is fitted with the co-axial midrange-tweeter BC10 and a new Duocell based 17cm woofer, developed by Cabasse. The Minorca is the first three-way in-wall speaker that combines all the sound qualities of the Cabasse SCS (Spatially Coherent Source) point-source technology. As such, the transparency and the realism of the soundstage are simply striking, with a unique stability and depth. Retail price per pair: $1,490. The Antigua IW 2011 is completely re-worked for 2011 and the new model features the new 17T20 IW with minimized depth woofer and DOM36 midrange-tweeter, from the MT range of loudspeakers. Retail price per pair: $790. Both will fit in a standard 2x4 wall space depth and use the same optional bracket for new construction before drywall goes up, or an optional back box for better sound and greater sound isolation. Archipel Series Movable tweeters for directing sound are a standard feature of the round Archipel series, designed primarily for in-ceiling use. However, with the inclusion of both a round and square grille for each speaker, each could be mounted in walls given the appropriate wall depth. The full-range Archipel ICD features a high-end co-axial unit with a Duocell membrane for the woofer and Kaladex semi-rigid dome pivoting tweeter, a combination of Cabasse proprietary solutions, responsible for the success of the iO2 satellite speaker. Retail price per pair: $750. The Archipel ICP was developed with the same passion that goes into the technical and acoustic design of all Cabasse loudspeakers. Also featuring a pivoting tweeter, this 2-way co-axial model incorporates the technical solutions originally developed for the highly successful Jersey and Antigua loudspeakers. Retail price per pair: $500. The Archipel ICPS is a stereo speaker with two tweeters on a rotating mount and a dual voice coil woofer so the listener can enjoy fine quality stereo sound from a single point source. Retail price (each): $460. All Archipel speakers fit the same optional new construction bracket before drywall goes up, or an optional back box for better sound and greater sound isolation. John Caldwell, sales director and co-founder of StJohn Group, commented on the new models, "With the introduction of the five new models of speakers and key installation back boxes and pre-installation brackets, the custom installation line-up from Cabasse, brings the count to 16 in-wall, in-ceiling, and on-wall models, and is arguably now as significant a part of the line as any other segment Cabasse manufacturers. "This increased commitment to this important market segment represents a tremendous opportunity to our dealers and performance centric consumers, who are looking for custom products that blur the line between what sounds good and what looks good. The Cabasse custom installation line is amazing in terms of both its performance and its design."  
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